5 Myths about Instagram Debunked

As camera-enabled smartphones are spreading wider and wider in the world, photo sharing has become one of the most important features of modern gadgets. The leading photo sharing app, Instagram, allows its users to use various filters and modifiers on their images, and then post the photos, like and comment other’s pictures, and follow other users. Everyone who has ever heard of Instagram knows that it has great potential, but there are some misconceptions surrounding the app that need to be explained.
1. Instagram was designed for users and is not suited for brands.
Unlike Facebook, which allows brands to have their own pages that are different from individual profiles, Instagram does not offer brands anything particular. All accounts look the same, and that’s what you need to take advantage of. If your brand has the right kind of Instagram presence, communications with users and customers will get much easier and more effective. Plus, with the help of hashtags and @-mentions users will have the ability to share information about your brand with their followers.
2. Instagram doesn’t need more attention than Facebook and Twitter.
The thing about Instagram is that it can be easily integrated with all your other social media accounts. Instagram photos can be posted anywhere, including Facebook and Twitter. You can use Instagram to enhance your social media presence as it adds a personal touch and likeability to your accounts.
3. Instagram doesn’t give the brand a chance to be more personal.
In reality, Instagram is the best social media platform to showcase the human side of your business or company. Post behind-the-scenes, photos, engage in live conversations with your users, offer them a peek into everyday life of your company, and you’ll see the loyalty towards your brand grow. Find your personal approach to Instagram and open yourself up to new opportunities.
4. Instagram can only be used in one way.
In fact, not only you can publish your own photos, but you also can repost pictures posted by other users to your Instagram and other social media accounts, and even add a different description to them. On Instagram it’s also easy to hold contests for your users, who will spread information about your brand through their photos.
5. Instagram isn’t as popular as Facebook, so it’s not worth the effort.
Of course, in order to use Instagram like a pro, you need to spend some time learning about the way it works. However, in the meantime you can also do everything you can to get your fan base to grow. Show your loyalty and commitment to your present and potential customers, and you’ll be able to watch the community of fans welcome you on Instagram.

Patrick Gordon