5 Ways to Safely Boost Your Facebook Popularity

Facebook likes are an essential component to growing, expanding and promoting your Facebook page. More likes mean better exposure, which will eventually bring you more fans and customers. However, some of the popular ways to get more likes may lead to your page being suspended or even deleted from Facebook, while you, as the owner, risk getting permanently banned. If you want to fully use Facebook to your advantage, but don’t want to face any repercussions, take a look at these 5 effective tips.
1. Don’t post any links that may considered “spam” or dangerous.
The first thing you want to do when you start a Facebook page is link to posts on your websites. However, if some of the links are viewed dangerous by some of your followers or even the automated Facebook detection system, it may get your page to be suspended, which will drive away your old followers and won’t bring you any new ones.
2. Use exclusive media content to lure visitors.
Posting content that can only be accessed by your Facebook followers is a great way to increase your fan base. Post links to the content on your website and other social media profiles, and soon you will see your number of followers grow as more and more people will want to check out your exclusive posts.
3. Regularly post updates on all of your social media profiles.
Consistently posted updates on your official website, your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest profiles show users that you take social media seriously. When users see that they can count on regular updates, it will be another reason for them to follow you. In that way your number of Facebook fans will grow steadily and naturally.
4. Use a visually appealing logo.
Using a well-designed logo on your Facebook page will get new users to become curious about your page, your content, and, eventually, your website. Use this algorithm to your advantage by including a logo into your profile page, Facebook cover, etc. A logo should be visually pleasing, but at the same time it should convey your brand’s message.
5. Don’t use low-quality images in your posts.
Low-quality photos used to represent your brand on Facebook will not help you grow your audience. On the other hand, HQ images will attract interest not only from your existing fans, but also from other Facebook users. The more colorful and attractive your posts are, the more people will check it out and, eventually, subscribe to your page.

Matthew Robinson