8 Tips to Increase Your Number Likes and Followers on Facebook

If you’re using Facebook as a business owner, you already know that the key to Facebook popularity is a community. Unless you have a community listening to you, your posts won’t be read by anyone, and you’ll waste your time and effort. A community consisting of loyal fans will not only read your posts, but will also share them with your friends, giving you even a bigger exposure. However, gaining an audience on Facebook is not an easy task, but with these tips you’ll increase your chances of success.
1. Make your Facebook page informative by filling in all the necessary information. Make sure that users understand who you are and why they should be following you in a few moments after seeing your page. Don’t forget to select the right category for your page, as well as list your address, website, and phone number to help people reach you.
2. Let your friends, family and business partners to be your first Facebook friends. These initial likes are very important, because they make you look more trustworthy. Other users will see that your page already has an audience, and it will be much easier for them to make a decision in your favor.
3. Use social media plugins on your website. Make sure that every visitor of your website can easily find a button that takes them to your Facebook profile. Some plugins will even display several of your latest Facebook posts on your website, as well as pictures of some of your subscribers.
4. Facebook’s recently introduced Graph Search is a perfect way to find out more about your audience. As soon as you know what your audience is interested in, it will be much easier for you to post content relevant to their interest, which will result in better conversion and more Facebook likes.
5. Facebook Ads are a great way to grow your audience. You can customize your ads to a great detail, so that new subscribers of your page are exactly the people you need. Experiment with different ads targeted at different audiences to find out what works best for your business.
6. Organize contests for your followers. Some contests have brought their organizers thousands of new likes, and the same thing can happen to you if you do it properly. First, you have to be sure that your contest is along Facebook’s guidelines. Second, create your contest with the help of a Facebook app – in that way only people who have liked your page will be able to participate. Do a little research before starting a contest, so that it all goes the way you’ve planned.
7. Work hard on your content. No one will want to like a Facebook page that posts mediocre, forgettable, or even stolen content. Make your posts interesting, visually appealing and engaging, and soon your audience will get bigger and more loyal. Don’t be afraid of using a call to action in some of your posts, just don’t overuse it.
8. Become a regular poster. If you make your fans wait too long for a new post or upload an image every 10 minutes, followers might get annoyed, which means not only your audience will not grow, but you can even lose some of your subscribers.

Patrick Gordon