Business Promotion on Instagram

Today the social media is considered to be one of the best ways to promote a brand, products and even services. Instagram can help you to find new customers and increase the profits. Here is some advice how to take advantage of Instagram: Both teenagers and adults spend a lot of time on Instagram posting photos and comments. So, this is a good time, no doubt.

1. Integrate Instagram with other social media sites

Registering the personal account on Instagram you should add as more information about your brand, product or service as possible. Do not forget to upload the logo as well as indicate the direct link to your web resource. As soon as a bio is ready you need to connect your Instagram with other popular social media including Twitter and Facebook. It is a very important thing because all the content posted on Instagram will be displayed to your friends in other social media as well. It will help you to find many new followers. Just post interesting, funny and amazing photos and you’ll see the positive result in a short time.

2. Post Various Images and Videos

Business promotion should not dwell on only one product or service. Try to vary the posted content, so that the followers look for your new photos and videos. You are welcome to use the global elements and concepts, which can relate to your business. For example, you can share the industry peculiarities, picturesque places of your location or even the photos of your partners and workers. The information, which you consider is boring and irrelevant may be very interesting for Instagram users. Now it is also possible to share small video clips. You can make a 15 seconds film having described the product or service advantages or just interesting facts. Be sure such film will not go unnoticed.

3. Add Thematic Hashtags

Instagram is a big social media site. Daily, users search the required content including locations, brands, goods they want to watch. For the relevant search making, it is better to use the specific hashtags. For example, when you offer the SEO services and after posting a photo or video you can add the hashtag #marketing. So, when users look for any content searching for #marketing, they will see your post in search results. There are a lot of hashtags, which relate to different industries and sectors of life. Just choose the most relevant ones for your content.

4) Involve your Followers

The visitors and followers of your Instagram account can promote your business better than you. Just ask them to post different photos on the topic you need. You can also post a photo and ask some good questions. The discussion can catch the readers and make your profile very popular.

5. Analyze the Instagram Statistics

Posting different photos and videos, you should understand what effect they have among the Instagram users. There are useful tools, which help to monitor the statistics. The most popular ones are BlitzMetrics and Curalate. The more data you have, the better result you can achieve.

Instagram is a fast-growing social media which has a lot of benefits for business promotion. Try it right now.

Patrick Gordon