What are the benefits of working with IG-UP?

The Instagram network enjoys wide popularity now. We use it to grow your business and to stimulate the trades. The number of regular customers is constantly rising. They appreciate our best terms and conditions with moderate prices. We always try to keep to the treaty provisions as to the deadlines and Instagram services. When discussing our services to avoid any misunderstanding we respond to all the questions as well as clarify the mixed data regarding the Instagram Likes and Followers. We counter all the concerns, so that when ordering our services the clients have a good grip of Instagram principles. They also fully understand which advantages they will enjoy working with our company. We never use the illegal content or unreal followers to promote the required product.

How can you ensure the fulfillment of the treaty?

We always do our best to provide the required likes and followers. Of course, there are cases when the engineering challenges make impossible to work in Instagram but this happens hardly ever. Anyway, according to our terms we charge the clients only for the provided followers and/or likes, so we return money for unexecuted part of services. If you are up against any problems feel free to write us and we find the answer to fix everything absolutely for free.

Do you have a work flow of the IG-UP?

Sure! We recommend all visitors to review and analyze our terms and conditions. Then, if the stated points do not generate doubts, one chooses the package considering own needs and budget. It will take about 5 minutes to understand which offer is the best and make the payment. The ordered likes and/or followers will be provided within just a few moments, it depends on the package you chose. We offer only the real followers, who will also make a contribution to your account promotion by viewing new photos, commenting and liking them. As a result, you will notice the effect with new clients at once.

Will I get the profits working with you?

We guarantee the provision of the ordered followers and/or likes. As to the cash profit, we cannot ensure the success here, unfortunately, just because your staff is responsible for the direct sales. We advertise your goods or services in the social media, and further steps should be performed on your side.

When will I get all followers and/or likes?

We start promoting your Company, goods or services just after receiving money from you. Initially, orders are checked by our experts and are executed within 24-48 hours. Please, note that we need a little more time to provide you with a large amount of Followers/Likes. You can find the delivery period of your package on our website.

Will my followers and likes be real?

Sure! We ignore the mythic Instagram followers as well as various software tools that help to add likes and/or followers. We work only with the real followers, so your profile will not be banned. Our clients rely on us, and we do our best to satisfy all their needs and expectations. This is our main principle.

How can you use only real followers?

We keep up with the times providing only the high-quality services. We try to use all the social network benefits. In this regard we cooperate with a lot of companies which have own lots of social networks users. Our privacy policy does not allow spreading the detailed information about the whole process. Anyway, our experts are familiar with all the Instagram rules, so we never use prohibited promotional methods. We always care about our image and provide only high-quality services.

What details should I give you?

We just need to know your username or page URL. Please be careful, our managers will never ask you to provide any other profiling information, like password or other personal info.

Do you need to know my Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) password?

No, we don't need to know neither your password nor other personal information. You give us only usernames or page URLs. We guarantee you the safety of your personal data and total confidentiality.

Can my account be blocked?

Absolutely not! Working with us you get only the high-quality services. We use only the permitted methods. We guarantee the fulfillment of the contract terms only by legal means.

How can I pay my order on IG-UP?

It's very easy. We accept payments via PayPal.

I haven't found a suitable package, can you do a special order?

If you need a larger number of Instagram Followers or likes or any other service, please let us know so we could make our best to meet your demands.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us anytime via email from contact form at our website. You also can get in touch with us in 24-hours online chat. Please, feel free to contact us.