Few Words about 5 Useful but Unpopular YouTube Tools

Do you use YouTube channel in SMM campaigns? Is your goal to increase ratings of uploaded videos? Do you want to keep your YouTube account in good standing? If it does, this article about hidden YouTube features is just for you.

1. Free Audio Library Feature

YouTube offers a few production tools for video makers. One of them is a library of absolutely free music tracks. You should choose the Creation Tools menu in Video Manager part to get access to the library. YouTube Audio Library consists of 150 tracks and sound effects in different genres including dubstep, electronica, rock, orchestral, and classic. All tunes embedded in a library can be downloaded through such criteria as featured, genre, mood, instrument and duration. They can de uploaded as 320 Kbps MP3 files.

2. Fan Finder Feature

YouTube offers a Fan Finder service to help you find new subscribers being interested in your content. At first, you should create a channel add and submit it using Fan Finder. YouTube Fan Finder analyzes users’ video preferences and chooses those who might like your channel. Then, your channel ad is displayed to the target audience. It’s a perfect way to find regular viewers. To get started, click the Channel Settings menu in the Video Manager part and select your video file. However, a lot depends upon the quality of your channel ad. First of all, it must be short and exciting. Do not use long and boring statements. You have only 5 seconds to catch the target audience since all channel ads are displayed in TrueView format. Then Viewers can skip your ad.

3. Associated Website Annotations Feature

YouTube launched associated website link annotations. What does it mean? YouTube users can put annotations on their video files that will link directly to their website. However, your account must comply with some requirements. First of all, verify your account in http://www.youtube.com/verify. Then, you should add your web resource in the Google Webmaster Tools. It is necessary to confirm that you are a domain owner. Having completed this procedure, visit Advanced Channel Settings. Include your web resource as the associated website. If you see a green mark next to the Associated Website box, it means that everything is completed correctly and you can insert a link to this web resource directly within a video file. After that, you can enable website annotations and add them to your video files.

4. YouTube InVideo Programming Feature

YouTube InVideo Programming feature can help you to promote your channel branding. To access the tool, click the Channel Settings section. You can feature a video or a playlist, insert a branding watermark or a branding intro across all videos on your YouTube Channel.

5. YouTube Live Events Feature

YouTube Live Events feature allows you create custom live events. As opposed to Google+ Hangouts on Air YouTube Live Events offers a number of additional capabilities. Firs of all, you can manage encoding settings, set up a desired resolution and create multicam events. Moreover, there are no limits as for event duration. You can add live captions and create live highlights.

Patrick Gordon