Follower Boost on Instagram with Photo Contests

Having installed the Instagram app on your cellphone and generated a profile, you can enjoy functional capabilities of the platform. Instagram is the best photo-sharing and photo-editing service today. It usually runs numerous photo contests you are welcome to compete in. If you are eager to gain popularity on Instagram social media, start holding photo competitions among users. You will catch the interest of numerous followers, using eye-catching photos for contests. It’s attempting idea, isn’t it? Below we will view all sides of running photo contests on Instagram.

It’s better to pull out of the stops to raise visibility. It could be other popular social networking services. You should just repost a preferable photo contest to substantially grow the audience. Be an active user in social media. It involves group discussions, commenting and liking. Interact with your audience constantly. Photo competitions are hold in a variety of ways. Your task is to find the most appropriate one. And if you have made up your mind to run a photo contest, look round. You should decide upon a topic, a genre and, certainly, major requirements. A number of photo contest alternatives is great. For instance, you can ask the participants to think out the best photo title, or to generate a picture by means of particular instruments. Each alternative is interesting in its own way.

It’s your idea, your photo competition, and your right to establish particular rules. Make use of tagging mode. Do remember that trend hashtags constitute the basis for fast popularity growth on Instagram and Twitter, since it is the most efficient way to gain visibility. Using popular hashtags, you substantially increase the chances of being noticed by other users with same interests.

Any photo competition involves the election of winners and the most enthusiastic competitors. You should choose a winner, having studied all posts with your tags carefully.

Then tell good news to your winner. In case you run a great photo competition, thousands of users from across the globe display a keen interest in it. Before unveiling the winner, contact him or her. Having failed to receive an answer, give preference to another leading candidate. But most competitors usually keep in touch with a contest organizer, since they are eager to get their prize. You bear full responsibility for presenting the prizes to the winners on time. Be sure, a pleased prizetaker will certainly leave a positive feedback. Fair photo contests are the necessary parts to form trust-based relations with the target audience.

Don’t be confined to only one photo contest and embody all your interesting ideas. It will help you to keep in touch with the public on Instagram, increasing the number of followers, subscribers and likes. As a rule, all competitors are very active social media users. They generate a lot of comments, subscribe to your updates and click likes under your photos. All the above mentioned data suggest that photo competitions are efficient instruments for drawing plenty of followers and reliable subscribers.

Matthew Robinson