Hashtag Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Such kind of embedding elements of social area as hashtags are used firstly by the Twitter community. Then they are added to different social system armory. Especially Instagram and even Facebook use hashtags very frequently. Hashtags become enough effective tools for attracting public attention a lot, but their usage requires following some rules.
Don’ts in the use of hashtags
There are some faults in the world of hashtags, which can fail any post. It is necessary to know these taboos for every social surfer.
There are some cases when the combination of some words in hashtag is an efficient tool of promotion (#WorldNuclearAssembly), but it is unnecessary to do it in everyday’s posts (subtitle).
#One #Should #Not #Tag #All #Words
If every word in the post is tagged, such post looks like a senseless one.
Not to emphasize the facts that are not connected with the topic
When the tags contain trend words without any connection to the subject of postings, such attention to the trend posts can fail the post.
One must choose thoroughly the words for hashtags. Otherwise, the tags don’t perform their performing functions.
Everyone should check the spelling of the tags. Misspelled hashtags loose instantly the rating among users.
Dos in the use of hashtags
There are certain occasions of the right use of hashtags.
Improving chat communication
Short and easy for understanding hashtags improve the process of posting and attract new followers. The application of hashtags finds its amateurs on Facebook, besides Twitter where hashtagging is the constant element of the chat.
Emphasizing the communication
When the posts with the trend hashtagged elements concern the topic discussed by the participants of the chat, the attention to the profiles becomes stronger.
Combining the activity on the social platforms with the promoted business
If the statements with hashtags contain the information about the promoted activity, such activity will get more customers’ preferences.
The promotion of the events
The hashtags are introduced to underline the significance of different events and attract the public attention to them.
Hashtagging humor in the chatting
Humorous posts with hashtags are always on the top of popularity among the social public.

Matthew Robinson