How Can Your Business Get the Most from Promotion on Twitter

Everyone who has used Twitter at least once knows about its 140-character limit. However, not many people know how it all started and how to use these 140 characters to your advantage.
Twitter was founded as a way to exchange information from one mobile user to another. Of course, you can use Twitter from any Internet-enabled device, including a desktop PC, but it’s the mobile users that are the core of Twitter. 140 characters allow you to send a tweet via a text message, and there will be enough space to include a username.
Nowadays Twitter is widely used all over the world, but people often struggle with some of its aspects, particularly link shortening, the use of hashtags and @-replies, and the character limit. Is there any solution for cases when you have a lot to say and cannot fit it into 140 characters?
In fact, there are several solutions to this problem. First of all, you can learn to fit all your messages into the character limit by using shorter words, abbreviations and condensed ideas. After some practice it becomes a fun and easy task, and soon you’ll be able to say whatever you want in fewer than 140 characters. If your message still takes more, you can write two tweets. However, you need to make sure that these two tweets appear together in your followers’ timelines. To ensure that post two tweets exactly one after another, so that there are only a few seconds difference between them. Also you can put (cont’d) at the end of the first tweet to let followers know there will be another tweet.
If your message takes way more than 140 characters, you can use your blog to write a whole post on the topic, and then just post a link to it on Twitter. In that way you’ll only have to add a short description, accompanied by a link, and you’ll easily be able to keep your tweet under 140 characters. Learn to incorporate other social media websites to get the most out of your Twitter presence!

Matthew Robinson