How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Being going to do business with the use of social networking areas the most important task is to choose the most suitable platform among them. The right choice of social platform brings the best opportunities for the promoted activity. Making a choice one can take into considerations such aspects as customers’ audience, content used for the promotion and type of promoted business.
One should start the procedure of selecting needed network from the public of supposed customers. Everyone intending to lead business in the domain of social networking has to see clearly possible customers oriented to one or other production. It is very significant to define their tastes, social and intellectual background, geographic and demographic factors correctly.
Having learnt the preferences of supposed clients, it’s high time to get to know the content the most attractive for them. Visual content (photos and videos) or written content, content created by individual or corporate authors has its customers’ audience. Different social networking platforms operate with different kinds of content. YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram organize their activity on the base of visual content. Facebook uses generally mixed content (written and visual); Twitter prefers the text with embedded images. Being aware of content varieties needed to be produced for the easiest promotion one can surely select the necessary social platform for doing business.
So, the customers’ staff and content needed to be used is known. One essential thing in addition to these important facts is the definition of the business which supposed to be leading. All business activity is generally divided into two groups: business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). For example, LinkedIn is the service strongly oriented to B2B users, when such networks as Facebook and Twitter are excellent bases for B2C activity.
Facebook is a giant social area of different business activity. There are customers interested in any industry here. Being popular on Facebook means to get a high demand of different customers’ audiences. Because of it the paid advertising techniques are widely used here. Twitter is strongly advised for everyone occupying a narrow special business territory (niche). Everybody searches for own location.

Mark Ellis