How to Create Facebook Advertisements

Facebook advertisements are an outstanding opportunity for business promotion and engaging targeted audience. It is very fast and easy to create an ad on this social network. While making it, you can choose the most appropriate type, detach your audience, select certain result metrics, plan the budget for a necessary period, and the background of charging. Here are some necessary points, which are required for efficient ad building.

The aim of advertising through the social network can be expressed in one of the following 8 types.

  1. Page Post Engagement. It is used to promote your social profile and posts of it, to gain new followers, to increase the amount of likes, comments, views for images and video clips.
  2. Clicks to Site–to foster social media users to attend your website.
  3. Page Likes – to become popular on the social network and gain more followers for your page.
  4. Website Conversions – to encourage people to make certain actions on your site. Conversions can be recorded with the help of a conversion tracking pixel.
  5. Offer Claims – are used to promote your offers, which you have created on the social media.
  6. Event Responses – help to promote created event.
  7. App Installs – to foster users to install and use your Application.
  8. App Engagement – to encourage more activity on your Application.

Types of advertisements

Facebook gives the opportunity to make 3 types of advertisements on the social media.

  1. Desktop News Feed – they appear in line with thematically similar stories.
  2. Right Column – they are published in the right section of the social media page as it is reserved for promotion and business instruments.
  3. Mobile News Feed–they are published rightward of the page and can be used only for mobile apps. This type is created for smartphones and tablets.

Target the audience

You have the opportunity to target the audience for your advertisements using such data selection criteria as age, gender, location, language, etc. Moreover, you can select the audience based on the user’s interests and connections. It is useful to target the audience using such categories as family status, job position and subcategories as interests, often seen pages, etc. Use the audience definition meter to check the specificity and coverage of the target.

Campaign budget

You can create a name for your social marketing campaign and plan the budget. You have the opportunity to select the budget scheme as well. It can be a daily or a long-lasting budget, it is up to you. You can also specify the action period for your campaign and change it if it is necessary.

Bidding and pricing policy

You can set the bid type in the Bidding and Pricing section. You can set the bids for any results suitable for your advertising campaign, for example, site clicks, application installs, ad impressions and so on. The price depends on the chosen bid type.

Facebook advertising is a great way to use the social network as a platform for your marketing campaign. You can always create advertisements, which will suit your business purpose and help to target the audience.

Patrick Gordon