Instagram vs. Pinterest: Which One Is the Best to Promote your Business?

Social media websites have been dominating the news and the market for several years, but there are two social media platforms that stand out among the rest: Instagram and Pinterest, who have been getting more and more popular with users and brands. The key to their success is the people’s reaction to visuals. If your company wants to get the best out of social media, but don’t have the resources for both Pinterest and Instagram, this article will help you make a choice.
Although Pinterest and Instagram are quite similar, there are still a huge of differences between them. Pinterest is used to collect and share images and links a user finds noteworthy or inspiring. Images are stored in special albums called “boards”. A user can have as many boards as they wish.
Instagram is mostly used on smartphones. It allows you to alter the photos you’ve just taken and upload them to your profile. By using numerous filters and other tools you can transform your everyday photos into artworks.
To know more about the two services we should know about the type of people who use them. Pinterest has proven to be the fastest growing social media website. Most of its users are female, and more than half of users are in the 18-34 demographic. Instagram is also smashingly popular, with up to 50 million photos being uploaded to the service per day. Understandably, Instagram’s audience tends to be younger than Pinterest’s, and while more than 50 percent users are female, men and women are represented in Instagram’s demographic more evenly, compared to Pinterest.
Both Instagram and Pinterest offer brands a number of opportunities to brands for self-promotion. Visual content can be easily used for building an emotional connection with your customers, as well as offer them with an insight into your company. For example, a great way to use social media as a brand is to organize contests. On Pinterest user can create “pins” for a chance to win a prize, and on Instagram you can ask users to upload photos dedicated to one theme, accompanied by a special hashtag.
Another thing you can do both on Pinterest and Instagram is to use these websites to promote upcoming events of your company. Tell your users about conferences, meetings, celebrations, sales, etc – by using images to promote events you’ll reach out to a wider audience, which will bring you the desired results.
When it comes to making a choice between Instagram and Pinterest, the main key for you is your audience. What do your users like to do online? Does your audience mostly consist of older female users, or are they mostly young men and women? As soon as you answer these questions, you’ll easily come up with a decision.

Mark Ellis