Learn the Basics of Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a relatively new technology that helps you get exposure without spending thousands of dollars on marketing. It works through drawing a crowd with the help of your creativity and sociability, instead of using last-generation marketing techniques, such as TV ads, etc. Get inspired by major companies who already use growth hacking to their advantage, and you’ll achieve success in no time. All you need to get into growth hacking is a platform, which, in this case, is Twitter, and a goal. Here are some of the most helpful tips.
1. Let your content speak for you. Use your posts to promote your content, rather than yourself or your company. It allows users to see value in your Twitter feed.
2. Make sure your Twitter profile link is posted everywhere you can. Link to your feed on your website, on Facebook and Google+, use it as your username when you post comments on websites.
3. Users will gladly share your content if you ask them to. Just call to action at the bottom of your post, and users will post links to your website on Twitter, which will get you and your posts more exposure.
4. Try a referral system to attract more users. Simply make parts of your content accessible only when a user that wants to access it refers another user. This technique works best with various apps, but you can try it in any case.
5. A good strategy is to engage in conversation with popular Twitter accounts that belong to your industry. Simply follow them and then offer your insights in a conversation when the time is right. It will bring you attention from their audiences that may soon become your audience as well.
6. Respond to any kind of feedback you get from your users. Engaging in a conversation shows your users you value every reaction, no matter how negative it might be. Even negative feedback is a great opportunity for a conversation, just try it once and you’ll see.
7. If your company offers promotions, use Twitter to build the hype around them by posting a countdown. Simply post tweets regularly with some hints about the promotion, and you’ll easily build interest and demand among your users.
8. A simple request to retweet your post works wonders. Asking users to do what you want is a simple yet wonderfully effective marketing technique. Include requests for retweets at the end of your website, Facebook, Google+ and even Twitter posts.
9. Don’t make your Twitter feed all about yourself – mention other authors and companies. Tweet using @username on them, and you’ll likely initiate a conversation, which will lead to new acquaintances, ideas and followers.
10. Make sure the content you produce is worth sharing. No matter how often you ask your followers for a retweet or other favor, it will all be in vain if your content is plain and forgettable. Make your content unique and appealing, and users will share it without your requests.
These 10 tips are better be used as simple guidelines, because the real force behind growth hacking is your creative force. You’re the one who knows your audience best, which is why it’s up to you to select the most effective techniques.

Mark Ellis