Making an outstanding build-up immediately to help your incomes grow up


How can we do business without modern programs and applications? Now there is no way to do that.

You have to be in social networks, create business pages, share photos. You do not have any chance to grow up your deals and incomes without it.

It’s said girls and boys in Buffalo are still impressed with “Tyler” who has been a goaltender as well. And then let us remind you about the new famous kid “Ian”. It is one of the best stories about willingness to get success with modern technologies such as Facebook and Instagram.

Ian has created his own hockey shop, Ian’s Ice Shack. His business has been growing up constantly and quickly. It is really possible, isn’t it?

He won ice hockey championship in Buffalo. He graduated in college and made successful hockey career. At the moment, he returned to Buffalo the photo-centric network had earned $600 million per year as advertising revenue.

In fact, we see more than 400 million Instagram accounts and it is 80 million more than Twitter ones. Every day new users log in and place advertisements, post photos and so on.

So let us recognize how Ian made his first hockey shop prosperous.

Remember that he had used Facebook for his building-up before. He did just eight steps and the first hockey shop in Upstate New York started being famous with Instagram.

Let’s go together.

  1. Just prepare a link to Instagram

For first step you should have your own Facebook business page. Do this step if you have not managed it yet. Next find the Settings menu and press “Instagram Ads” on the left bar. To start the process your Instagram account and Facebook business page have to be connected.

  1. Now enter to Ads Manager

To continue we need to open Ads Manager account for you. You are able to do that going through the Facebook facilities, or just link to different apps. If there is no such account, use the other apps.

  1. Do not lose – upload Power Editor

Now be careful and check Google Chrome browser in your list of programs. It is the only browser that provides you with possibility to use that resource. No other browsers support Power Editor. Why do we need this one? The problem is to try and post ad through Ads manager on Facebook. It is incorrect way. To solve the problem, just set up Power Editor. You are much closer to creation your Instagram advertisement. Now you are able to see Power Editor panel in the list of apps under the Ads Manager platform.

  1. Start Campaign now

Have you ever used Power Editor? If yes, you can create your first Instagram publicity immediately!

To achieve the option “Create Campaign” you have to do the next with Power Editor:

  • Look at the top of the page and press the Manage Ads bar on the left panel.

  • Now press “Create Campaign” option on the right side.

  1. Where is Your Target Audience

What is the main idea of the process? You should find a goal which can be implemented with Clicks to Website, Mobile App Installs and Video Views.

As a result you have got the next facilities:

  • You are able to Create Campaign;

  • You are able to Create new ad set;

  • You are able to Create new ad.

Be careful! It is used for new advertisement only! If you need to add a post into existing ones you should check every “Instagram Placement” in that you want to add any content.

  1. Have you changed your mind? Change your settings accordingly

What options do you use to act effectively? You have the following:

  • You can set the charges, revenues, you are able figure out the balance accordingly;

  • You can make an order of posting as well;

  • You can target audience and placement. So you can use the option of Instagram posting.

  • Other options must be locked! It is very important for next steps.

Also you can determine a mobile device which you are going to use to control your building up as well.

For example, Ian invited some groups of customers who lived in 15-mile area of the Ice Shack store in Buffalo. They were interested in hockey and were funs of the NHL and the Sabres under the results of the on-line survey completed.

Ian’s ad order was running for only three days. What about his benefits? If it was longer no effect we could see. It is boring for users to meet the same promotion for a long period of time. Well done!

  1. Matching your data on Facebook and Instagram

The opportunity helps to control your information from Facebook and see the same when you connect to Instagram network.

If you start with Facebook business page just press “Use the Instagram account connected to the selected Facebook page.”

Otherwise set up the Ad Set options, look at the left side, choose “Ads” and add the business page you are going to manage the ads from.

  1. Finally make build-up!

Well done! Just post a build-up now!

Next actions are performed accordingly:

  • You have to define your website URL. Then you should enter the text explanation which consists of up to 300 characters. So you have to create short and remarkable message to customers!

  • You can place your photo below. It is very fruitful function. In future your clients will associate the product with your image. It helps to grow up your click rate. Your conversion cost is reducing accordingly.

  • Last step is to press “call-to-action” button which can be linked with the Instagram ad. It makes the special offers for customers. You know everybody likes that. In Ian’s case he wanted to announce a special promotion which discounts some positions on the website. You should select “Download” to add the function into your account.

For example, you can make good picture, post it and write the text: “If the Sabres win on November 20, every new client will get 50 percent off any second article in his bill on the cash-desk the day after the game. The promotion is valid at Ian’s Ice Shack store and. Visit our website to take the coupon and use it in the store accordingly!”

Let’s see your advantages. Your posting is created with relevance, provided with target audience. Your investment must be returned and the profit could be calculated and taken finally. In addition, you can use option to set URL tags and track the conversion if you need this info for your business goals.

Patrick Gordon