Privacy Policy

Please look through this document thoroughly. It includes the ways we gather, use and manage the clients’ data. We act in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The provisions mentioned below come under all the services we provide using our official web resource.

Confidential Information
By visiting our official web resource each person is asked to provide some private information. The main target of such request is to make sure he/she is real but not a robot. Any activity on our official web resource can also require the personal identification. In this regard it is nothing to be surprised about if you’ll need to send us your username, telephone, email and even credit card number when you try to post the comments in testimonials section, fill the contact form or make the order for the Instagram followers and/or likes. We can also ask to provide some specific details as the condition may demand. Anyway, only a user should decide whether to provide the requested information or not. There are cases when the visitors of our web site prefer to remain unknown and this is their legal right, of course. However, when making the order we cannot provide Instagram followers service without getting certain details.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information
To ensure the high-quality services we always gather the data which surely correspond to particular person but cannot be used to identify or contact that person. This refers to the non-personal identification information. It may include the details as to which browser or Internet provider a visitor uses, which pages are visited, what links are clicked and other actions performed on the web resource. We can be also interested in the technical characteristics of clients’ computers.

We collect the cookies of all the website visitors. Cookie is some text provided by the web resource to the visitor’s browser. This piece of text helps the browser to remember some general information regarding the last visit of a particular visitor. For sure, the cookies files are really useful to save visitors’ time when browsing the web sites more than once. The visitors can remove the cookies in the browser when needed.

Collection of personal information
The aims we gather the personal information are:
• All the received data are analyzed by our experts. In this regard we can easily find out which pages, sections or services are the most effective on our web site. Consequently, we’ll be able to update or improve the required elements to make the simple-to-use and convenient web resource.
• We do our best to process the clients’ request in the shortest possible time. Some details may help to improve the professional skills as well as to improve effectiveness of the support department.
• As we think, it is quite easy now to understand the advantages of each service package and make the order. Anyway, monitoring the clients’ reaction we always want to simplify the payment process. Moreover, to secure our clients each money transfer should be maximum safe. Gathering the private data we can guarantee that no information will be provided to third persons unless otherwise provided by law.
• We prefer to communicate with our clients via emails. This method seems to be the best to stay in touch all the time. To ensure this we always ask our clients to provide only the real email addresses. We can use the emails to answer the clients’ requests as well as to send company news and updates. The clients and the visitors of our web site can decide whether to receive such mails or not.
• We always appreciate getting the feedback from our clients. We’ll be happy if you send us your opinion and/or proposals as to our services. You are also welcome to post the comments in our testimonials section, so that all visitors of our web site can read everything.
• We are always focused on our clients. To show our care and attention we provide different special offers, discounts, bonuses and gifts. All the information is provided to the email addresses and/or by phone.

Data Sharing
We value our reputation and never provide the client’s private information to third persons. We guarantee the integrity of the received information. We can only provide the user’s data to our copartners just to ensure the fulfillment of the terms of the contract with a client. Be sure we implicitly trust them.

Personal Data Security Guidelines
Personal data of each client and his/her operations are secured. Due to the appliance of the advanced protection technologies, no information leakage may happen. It’s impossible for any external party to gain admission to your personal data, because our highly qualified and skilled engineers implement special protective measures. We use only protected data paths for passing confidential information. The above mentioned technique is considered reliable as it involves a digital signature and cryptographic processing.

Privacy Policy Amending
Data security guidelines could be amended in any way the company would deem fit. Generally, we post all amendments to our web resource. Our clients bear full responsibility for checking out the amendments on our website prior to placing a new order. In case a client agrees to Privacy Policy clauses, thereby he or she assumes full responsibility for data overview.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
If a client places and order for goods or servicing, using our web resource, thereby he or she accepts the Privacy Policy clauses. In case, you couldn’t accept any Privacy Policy clause, you’d better drop the idea to use our web resource. In case, you continue utilizing our web resource, the arrangement is considered completed.

Contact Data
Use our e-mail box or contact form to put a question, come up with a suggestion, or just query. We’ll examine everything and give a prompt response.