We feel quite confident in recommending you to check out the general service conditions prior to make up your mind as to buying Instagram Followers and Likes from us. We offer virtual products, and all our customers would rather look into this concept. Each client will get his/her money back providing that we fail to apply the undertakings, i.e. to increase a number of Instagram Followers and Likes by an agreed quantity for a particular client.

Find below a list of grounds for refunding.

First, the failure to deliver the agreed quantity, i.e. we couldn’t complete the order in its entirety. For instance, a client placed an order for buying five thousand Instagram Followers, and we provided just four thousand ones. It is a ground for refunding in accordance with our general service conditions. This client should make a request in a written form stating the fact of short-delivery within thirty calendar days. If he or she fails to meet this deadline, no refund will be provided. In case any other difficulties emerge or a client would like to get a short quantity of followers, we are pleased to settle them in no time. Top quality customer servicing is our first priority. We have a lot of regular clients who describe us as a reliable deliverer of Instagram Followers. Having chosen us to purchase from, you will never get into intangible difficulties. We acknowledge, understand and accept responsibility for your money. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information concerning our general service conditions.