Tips how to sell on Instagram

Companies and business owners always look for ways to promote different products and services. Beyond a doubt, social media are powerful market for various advertising campaigns now. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular but more and more people focus on Instagram, which has a high potential for commerce promotion. However, there are certain rules as well as numerous strategies how to sell on Instagram with a positive result. Photo is a fundamental force for progress here. If you are going to publish the links to your web resource, you should be ready for losing out. Just a photo has a power on Instagram. We define 5 ways how Instagram can help in promotion.

  1. Photo Individuality

Every day people from all over the World publish photos on different topics. Users show their attitude to certain things via graphical approach. To produce the required effect a photo should be ideal, constituting the great potential, uniqueness and, of course, numerous advantages of brand or product. This photo should say more than any written text. The visual effect is an advantage and also disadvantage of Instagram just because it is not so easy to show all the best features of brand or product without any words. But if you make this, you are bound to be successful on Instagram.

  1. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Instagram is not following suit of other social media sites including Twitter and Facebook having refused from hyperlinks in posts and comments. To ensure an alternative, Instagram has offered their users to try hashtags. As it turned out, the result was amazing. Hashtags help Instagram users to search interesting posts and profiles spending minimum time. There are popular hashtags, for example, #photooftheday or #googlesearch as well as relevant hashtags like #marketing or #realestate. The thematic hashtag will show the required photo to target followers most of which can become the real clients.

  1. Keep in Touch with Followers

Having attracted a lot of followers, it’s not all. It is a big mistake to get satisfied with what has already been achieved. Post new photos with different comments. Respond to followers who submitted your photo using hashtags. Establish a contact with potential buyers to understand their emotions and attitude to content you provide on your Instagram page. The more information and feedback you have the more effective measures you’ll be able to take to promote your brand or product.

  1. Analyze the Followers Likes and Preferences

Keeping in touch with the followers you can analyze the topics they like and use this information for personal advantage. Be sure, all your efforts will be remunerated. Do remember that your main target is to find and keep the followers to promote brand or product. So, the better you know the followers’ interests, the quicker you strike the right note.

  1. Promote the brand or product in Instagram Gallery

Fill the gallery or microsite with thematic photos. Unobtrusiveness should be considered here just to prompt the Instagram users to act certain way.

Instagram is a powerful web resource for business promotion. A photo can make people spending money for your brand or products. It’s just in your hands!

Matthew Robinson