What is a Reasonable Way of Getting Instagram Followers

Instagram is getting more and more popular with every passing day. And the more followers you have, the more interesting and effective it becomes. If you have just registered your account, it’s unlikely that you get thousands of followers fast. Fortunately, there are several easy and non-junky methods of getting Instagram followers you may use. In this article, we are going to describe one of them. Let’s start!

Action 1: Determine a Coherent Strategy for Your Instagram Account

If you set a goal of posting excellent photos, keep to it, and never upload boring and poor quality images. Instagram users who express the desire to follow you do not want to see your breakfast menu. It is much more likely that they will expect a great photography. Some Instagram users gained success in posting images of their daily routine. But, this way is risky since your everyday activities will probably be interesting to your close friends rather than to a wider audience. But if you are a star, you can certainly try this method. Otherwise, you may use @iPhonePS Instagram account to post eye-catching and engaging iPhone pictures.

Action 2: Make a Perfect Instagram Profile

If you set up a coherent strategy, the next step is to prepare an interesting description. Do not forget about perfect “portfolio”. All photos uploaded by you should be good quality and glossy. Most Instagram users like and comment on photos being out-of-the-box and senseful. Do not post cruel, ugly, and prohibited images in your photo feed. You may use different photo editors to improve the quality of your pictures. iPhone owners can sign up to my iPhone photography email tips to access free guides on iPhone photography.

Action 3: Seek the Limelight

Once your perfect profile and portfolio are ready, get started with an advertisement. For example, share a direct link to your Instagram account on all social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. It is also possible to try the e-mailing procedure. Ask people to follow you stating the type of photography you are going to post. It’s a good place to start.

Action 4: Interact with the Instagrammers

Once you gained the first followers, you should try to expand the network. Some people believe that hashtags, shoutouts, like purchase are the best way to get more followers. In my experience, it doesn’t work efficiently. If you want to catch the attention of the target audience, interact with other Instagrammers, like and comment on their photos. It’s not enough to state a few words. Your comments must be with a twist and engaging. You may use corresponding hashtags to search for appropriate photography. Live a witty comment and you will not have to ask a user to follow you. It will happen on its own.

Action 5: Post Regularly

You can’t expect Instagram users to follow you if you post new photos very occasionally. Your audience should be always engaged. It is very important to be active on Instagram. Post at least one photo a day. There is no sense in posting hundreds of images it’s a bit annoying. The priority is quality rather than quantity!

Mark Ellis