When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

A lot of social media researching labs pay attention to the best time of posting on Facebook. There are listed the main things helping to know when one can place Facebook posts with the highest degree of efficiency.
Thorough observing the periods of the highest activity of the Facebook audience
The results of various social media observations display that the post on Facebook gets the most of users in the half an hour after placed. So, the primary task is to define the time of the highest Facebook public attention and to correlate posts with the given periods of time.
1. Awareness of a complete background of potential clients: age, geography and social definitions
One of the most significant things is researching the customers’ audience peculiarities. Everything is important here: geographical positions, demographic and social scales.
2. The audience daily schedule
It is necessary to know the planning of the daily routine of supposed customers. That’s why one needs to be acquainted with the kinds of their occupations to make posting updates at the relevant time.
3. Summarizing of the research data and practical value of them
All the points of the information about the audience will be useful in the timing of Facebook posts. Besides, statistics of the Facebook activity can be helpful too.
Statistics showing the Facebook users’ presence
Facebook becomes mostly used by the different mobile applications. It is not so difficult to follow users preferring mobile gadgets for posting on Facebook. The most of users from 18 to 44 starts reviewing posts from 6.30. The top of activity reaches 8.30 except weekends when the contests between news updates are happening. Many people can be occupied with work or studying (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).One can choose the most and the less effective periods for making posts. The most effective: early morning (working days), the passage from work to dinner, sleeping time. The less effective time periods: working hours (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), time after dinner, weekends.
One shouldn’t forget that the most suitable time for updating posts is the time when the most of the public are involved in chatting. Facebook options allow following the time of visits made by customers. It is excellent for successful timing. To know the time of the highest activity doesn’t mean to get fame on Facebook.

Matthew Robinson