Will Instagram Videos Outshine Vine’s Popularity?

This is the information of especial importance to the audience of Instagram users. Nowadays there are not any difficulties with making videos with iPhones or Android phones and sharing the shots on the social net. New Instagram capacity allows editing the users’ videos at the professional level thank to available options.
Some users can think of the reason because of which Instagram start sharing videos only now. The answer of professional experts explains that the main cause lies in the rivalry between Instagram and Vine. Vine is short videos sharing service included into Twitter. Vine’s popularity increased in a moment because of Twitter public. Everyone remembers that Instagram is a part of Facebook empire.
As media expert Ryan Holiday considers, Instagram tried successfully to use the experience of Vine. Sharing short Vine reels costs a lot of money but brings considerable incomes to promoters due to the principle “upload and share”. Giant number of Twitter users provides the rapid growing of the Vine’s fame. Simply saying Instagram adopts the Vine’s strategy to grow own popularity and to end the competition with Twitter (Vine) in favor of Facebook. The additional features for video sharing of new Instagram app give a strong hope for it.
A new service from Instagram is able to upload and share the reel of 15 second. One needs only to select the video and shoot it by help of iOS or Android gadgets. After the upload on new Instagram service, the video is ready to be shared.
The new software is equipped with new 13 filters. The Instagram video application offers the users such well-known filters as “Hudson”, “Amaro”, “Toaster”, “Branon” and “X-Pro II”. New 13 filters will add more various effects to users’ videos and make them more competitive in the tough social promotion contest. These effects will doubtlessly influence positively on the ratings of videos sharing on Instagram.
The Instagram video sharing system represents for all customers’ reels the option of the “cinema” effect. Such option makes users’ videos more impressive for the customers’ audience. Sharing videos on Instagram promises to become the most effective video promotion on social networking.
One can conclude that the competition between Instagram and Vine starts a new period and doesn’t look like to be stopped quickly.

Patrick Gordon